Rachel Lavelle Professional

It’s time to turn up the volume on the main issue at hand that everyone hates talking about… sparse, undefined brows. I know ladies, it’s a tough subject that is worth a tear shed, but no more than just one because today we are going to fix that problem for good!  Let’s start with the light stuff then work our way up to the fun (more permanent) fixes. I honestly can’t say it enough, invest, invest, invest! Babes, investing will be your best friend when it comes to sparse brows. I always say for everyone to do their own research on brow growth serums and find one that is suited for you that truly is result driven. Think of this, you are investing in yourself for fabulous full brows that are 1000% selfie worthy. *I currently personally adore the EDIT amplifying lash and brow serum, A. because it is a…

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