Rachel Lavelle Professional

Whoever said that our eyebrows could only be sisters and never twins was utterly wrong and obviously hasn’t paid a visit to some of our super styling eyebrow specialists in Perth. Eyebrows are a girl’s best friend, and we all need a hand to keep them in good shape from time to time. Luckily, Perth’s beauty scene consists of plenty of eyebrow masters who are ready to pamper and pluck your brows to perfection!. Here’s where to get your brows done in Perth. Rachel Lavelle EAST FREMANTLE If you’re struggling with thin brows and prefer a gram-worthy silhouette, look no further. Experienced in providing her clients with the latest state-of-the-art techniques, Rachel Lavelle’s 3D feather touch brow tattoos are designed to enhance your brows, to give you fine, delicate hair strokes. She also does an ombre brow tattoo which gives you a powder-filled brow look. Credit: Deniz Karaman, Urban List Where To…

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With salons and spas aplenty, where does a girl (or guy, for that matter) go to pamper their precious skin in Perth? Who offers the crème de la crème of facial treatments? Fear not, we have you covered! Here’s where to find Perth’s best facials. Go on, get glowing! Rachel Lavelle EAST FREMANTLE Tucked away behind Sweetwater Rooftop Bar on Silas Street in East Fremantle, Rachel Lavelle is known throughout Perth for training the best of the west when it comes to brows, but she also knows her way around a facial. Using the beautifully scented but seriously powerful Medik8 products, her magic fingers will send you straight into the relaxation zone and you’ll walk out looking positively radiant. Credit: Annalise Bolt, Urban List Perth’s Best Facials | Urban List Perth (theurbanlist.com)

Looking for long-lasting perfect brows without committing to feather touch brows? A brow lamination might just be the treatment for you. Rachel Lavelle Professional has been one of the driving forces bringing brow lamination to Perth and is responsible for training some of Perth’s best brow specialists, so it makes sense that we’d entrust our brows to her to try this treatment out. Essentially a chemical straightening of the brows, lamination results in full, fluffy brows that wouldn’t be out of place on the cover of Vogue. The three-step process begins with an eyebrow lift cream which contains a plant form of Keratin which protects and nourishes the hair. This first stage softens the hair so that the therapist can then shape the brows to feathery perfection. The second stage is all about setting those perfectly fluffy, groomed brows with a neutralising nourishing cream which hydrates the hair shaft and…

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Crystal Healing Facial

If winter did a bit of a number on your skin (us too) then now is the time to treat your face to some extra TLC—and one of Rachel Lavelle’s incredible facials is just the way to indulge. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Rachel Lavelle’s salon before, do yourself a favour. Tucked in behind Sweetwater Rooftop Bar in East Fremantle, the salon is a little slice of paradise. Decked out with beautiful flower arrangements, pops of millennial pink, timber cladding and more recently, loads of calming crystals, it’s the kind of place that makes you want to hang out and relax for a while. But those blissed-out vibes don’t stop in the reception area. Once you head through to your treatment room, you’ll be greeted with a soothing herbal tea before slipping into the dreamy pre-heated bed which is topped off with the fluffiest linen so you…

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