Rachel Lavelle Professional

Rachel Lavelle is one of Australia’s most sought after cosmetic educators thanks to her dedication, attention to detail and all-round impeccable skills.

Over the past 10 years she has grown her brand from the ground up, and she channels this entrepreneurial spirit into her students, developing them into successful business people as well as highly skilled brow and lash artists.

When she’s not leading her academy courses, you’ll find Rachel providing top-class treatments inside her East Fremantle salon.


Step inside Rachel Lavelle’s ultra-modern training academy and prepare to uncover the beauty and cosmetic tattoo secrets that enabled Rachel to become the highly regarded professional she is today.


The Rachel Lavelle Academy offers a personalised training experience within a small group environment where each and every student feels guided and supported, from the very start of the course to well beyond graduation.

Her Training

Upon completion of their training at the Rachel Lavelle Academy, students feel confident, skilled and ready to put their best foot forward when embarking on their career and business journeys.

Rachel’s ability to deliver international training to such a high calibre can be credited to her desire for continued personal growth, as she is always researching and testing new technologies and approaches to brow tattooing, lash treatments and Medispa treatments. If there’s a more efficient or higher quality method emerging in the beauty industry, Rachel has likely already tested it out.

Rachel's experience

In addition to being a nationally acclaimed international educator, Rachel is an experienced cosmetic tattoo artist and dermal aesthetician.

Throughout her 12 years working in the industry, Rachel has developed a signature feather touch tattoo technique which creates the perfect shape to uniquely enhance each client’s face.

As a dermal aesthetician, Rachel specialises in non-ablative laser treatments, which allows her to assess and effectively treat all skin types.

She is Energist, Omnilux, and Medik8 Skin certified, and has trained alongside many of Australia’s elite, so you can trust that she knows her stuff.

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27/3 Silas Street
East Fremantle

H: 0401 320 056

E: admin@rachellavelle.com.au