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Aria Pro (Digital Tattoo Machine) Instructions

Thank you so much for purchasing the Rachel Lavelle Aria Pro Digital Tattoo Machine with us!

This state of the art device is perfectly balanced for optimal control and performance during any cosmetic tattoo procedure. Its suitable for Brows, Lips, Liner and medical camouflage tattoo.

We use this device to create gradient ombre, pixel brows and soft shading effects as well as hair stroke line work


To turn on the Rachel Lavelle Aria Pro device-hold the button at the end of the machine until it turns on.

Speed 1- fastest speed ,suitable for shading and filling
Speed 2- suitable for outlining and shading
Speed 3- suitable for outlining and shading

To switch device off hold the power button down until the Aria Pro switches off.

To attach needle – Insert the needle into the end of the device and lock into place by twisting cartridge needle.
Check it’s in tight before starting.

Charge Machine – Cordless Option

Before use, the blue light will show it is charging.
Once the light turns off your device is charged

Cord Use

To use machine with cord use cord provided in kit, no charging is required.

Cord Use

At the head of device you can select needle depth.
We recommend:
1-1.5 for shading
1-1.2 for outlining.

Machines are for experienced artists only, we recommend all artists complete formal training in cosmetic tattoo before using digital machine

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