Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions Training

Eyelash extensions are an incredible way to accentuate your eyes, giving that ultra-feminine look even celebrities love. Because of this, the industry is booming and there’s huge growth potential for careers in this area. Rachel Lavelle Academy offers one of the most comprehensive eyelash training courses available in Australia, delivered in an intensive training session so that you can hit the ground running. Working with our expert lash trainer, you will learn the safest and most effective eyelash extension techniques to keep your clients satisfied and coming back for more!

We offer Classic eyelash extensions, this means one individual extension is applied to one natural lash, volume lash training is offered to those lash stylists who are proficient in classic lash application, we recommend you lash classics for atleast 6 months before enrolling into volume lash classes.


Classic Eyelash Extensions Training

BEGINNERS CLASS (No Pre-Requisites)

Working with your live model, you will learn pre-treatment preparation, eyelash extension application and lash product theory, eye shape correction and working effectively with mature eyes, and most importantly; lash selection and correct lash sizing. You will also be taught how to keep returning clients satisfied with in-fill and touch-up maintenance, aftercare practices, and safe removal of eyelash extensions. On successful completion of the course and assessment of your skills, you will receive a highly coveted, embossed Rachel Lavelle Academy Certificate to frame and display in your salon.



Interest free payment plans available

5.5 – Hour Masterclass & Pre Study

Working with live models you will learn:

Provide professional image consultations with clients

Lash Types & Extension options

That best suit the client's lifestyle, needs, and desires

Stroke Removal Methods

(If you make a mistake during the tattoo we will show you how to remove the stroke immediately) and you will learn the process for perfection visits.

Product Education

Lash Styling pro tips

Corrections and touch ups

Lash Removal Theory

Your Kit Will Include

Lash Pro Cleansing Brush

Under Eye Pads

Medical Lash Tape

Curved Tweezers

Straight Tweezers


Various Sized Lash Trays

Professional High Retention Glue

Glue de-Bonder

Mascara Spoolies

Lash Preperation Solution

Volume Eyelash Extensions Training

MASTERCLASS - Pre-Requisites are you must be a Qualified Classic Lash Artist

This Masterclass is held over 1 day with our expert lash artist and trainer, you will learn within a small group style class of no more than 3 students in our brand new state of the art training studio in East Fremantle



Interest free payment plans available

5.5 – Hour Masterclass & Pre Study

Your Kit Will Include

Volume Lash Trays

Volume Fast Setting High Retention Glue

Volume Tweezers

Under Eyepads

Lash Preparation Solution


Mascara Spoolies

Lash Glue Rings



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