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Eyelash Extension Courses Perth

While many beauty trends have come and gone over the years, eyelash extensions have taken over the world and have proved that they are here to stay.

Rachel Lavelle Academy’s comprehensive Perth eyelash extension courses will equip you with the most up to date skills and techniques so you can create fearless lashes your customers will adore.

Our courses are delivered in small-group sessions so our students can get the personalised and one-on-one training they need to truly excel in the industry.

Classes of up to four students at a time will be taught the safest and most effective eyelash extension techniques, and students will receive fully loaded lash kits with the very best products and brands to take home.

Classic Eyelash Extension Course

The application of classic lash extensions involves the attachment of an individual extension to one natural lash. The result? Depending on the client’s natural lash line, it could look full and fierce, or if the client has sparse lashes, the classic application will create a more natural look.

Working with a live model, you will learn pre-treatment preparation, eyelash extension application and lash product theory, eye shape correction and working effectively with mature eyes, and most importantly, lash selection and correct lash sizing.

You will also be taught how to keep returning clients satisfied with in-fill and touch-up maintenance, aftercare practices, and safe removal of eyelash extensions.

Upon successful completion of the course and assessment of your skills, you will receive a highly coveted, embossed Rachel Lavelle Academy Certificate to frame and display in your salon.

Volume Eyelash Extension Course

When it’s time to expand your lash extension skill set, enrol in a volume eyelash extension course.

Volume eyelash extensions differ from classic eyelash extensions in that the application includes multiple ultra-fine lashes which are expertly fanned to create a glamorous and full result.

This method of eyelash application is highly technical, so students are required to have been practising classic lashes for at least six months prior to enrolment.

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