Lip blush training

Lips are the most powerful feature on your face. They will always be the center of attention when speaking and if lucious and blush they will hold everyone’s gaze.

Lip Blush is a lip tattooing technique that makes the lips younger and more fuller, using tattoo equipment you will give the lips a subtle blush that emphasises their youth and desirableness.

Give your clients the opportunity to live their sexy lips dream by offering this at your salon.

Course Details

In the lip blush training you will learn colour theory, skin anatomy, machine and needle techniques, and aftercare information. These technique will help you give your clients the best result.
We will have a experience upskill class and a beginners class.

Beginners Cost


Interest free payment plans available

2 Day Training


Experienced tattooists Cost


1 Day Training Upskill Class


When attending the class please make sure to have 1 model ready to train on during the class.
At completion you will be a certified Lip tattooist and receive an official Rachel Lavelle Certificate that you can frame in your salon.

As it is an invasive tattooing experience you will also receive aftercare documents and forms that you will have to get your future clients to fill out.

Want to upskill and or launch your career into new areas? This is the perfect place. Lip Blush tattooing is a sought after technique and take years off a person’s age if done correctly.



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