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The Art of Microblading eBook


If you have been thinking about enrolling into the cosmetic tattoo industry then Microblading is certainly the best place to start!

Becoming a Microblading Artist can give you the financial freedom to create a flexible lifestyle with the potential to earn over $100,000 per year doing what you love.

In this Microblading eBook, Rachel Lavelle shares with you her advanced professional trade secrets that will help you build a successful brow empire.



The popularity of Microblading has created a flood of new artists, which is why it’s imperative that you are trained in the latest techniques and skills to set you apart from the competition. Skill levels largely vary between brow artists and educators so we recommend investing in quality, hands-on training that will give you the confidence to build a solid reputation within the industry.

In this unique and comprehensive eBook you will find information covering subjects such as:
• What is Microblading
• Pro Secrets to achieve the most realistic brow tattoos
• Rachel Lavelle steps to measure the eyebrows
How to achieve crisp clean lines and avoid colour blurring effects in healed brows
• Understanding Colours
• How to modify discoloured brow tattoos
• Who is suitable for Microblading
• Understanding needle types and who is suitable
• Skin penetration depth explained for optimal colour retention and skin safety
• Skin anatomy education
• Aftercare explained for optimal colour retention and client satisfaction
• Pigment recommendations
• What you need to set up your very own successful brow empire
• Rachel Lavelle’s step-by-step guide from consultation through to treatment

Delivered in digital format directly to your email, this eBook provides all the essential tips, tricks, and insights into perfecting your Microblading skills, setting you apart from the rest!


Karen Chivell Rachel Lavelle Academy Microblading Class Graduate
“I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! Our lives have seriously changed financially since I have been doing brows. And I have finally found the one thing that I am really passionate about, so thanks Rachel.”

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