Urban Listed Top 10 Best Brow Spots in Perth

Urban Listed Top 10 Best Brow Spots in Perth

Whoever said that our eyebrows could only be sisters and never twins was utterly wrong and obviously hasn’t paid a visit to some of our super styling eyebrow specialists in Perth. Eyebrows are a girl’s best friend, and we all need a hand to keep them in good shape from time to time. Luckily, Perth’s beauty scene consists of plenty of eyebrow masters who are ready to pamper and pluck your brows to perfection!.

Here’s where to get your brows done in Perth.

Rachel Lavelle


If you’re struggling with thin brows and prefer a gram-worthy silhouette, look no further. Experienced in providing her clients with the latest state-of-the-art techniques, Rachel Lavelle’s 3D feather touch brow tattoos are designed to enhance your brows, to give you fine, delicate hair strokes. She also does an ombre brow tattoo which gives you a powder-filled brow look.

Credit: Deniz Karaman, Urban List Where To Get Your Eyebrows Done In Perth | Urban List Perth (theurbanlist.com)