Urban List Brow Lamination Review

Urban List Brow Lamination Review

Looking for long-lasting perfect brows without committing to feather touch brows? A brow lamination might just be the treatment for you.

Rachel Lavelle Professional has been one of the driving forces bringing brow lamination to Perth and is responsible for training some of Perth’s best brow specialists, so it makes sense that we’d entrust our brows to her to try this treatment out.

Essentially a chemical straightening of the brows, lamination results in full, fluffy brows that wouldn’t be out of place on the cover of Vogue.

The three-step process begins with an eyebrow lift cream which contains a plant form of Keratin which protects and nourishes the hair. This first stage softens the hair so that the therapist can then shape the brows to feathery perfection.

The second stage is all about setting those perfectly fluffy, groomed brows with a neutralising nourishing cream which hydrates the hair shaft and keeps your brows in place. That’s left on for a few minutes to ensure your new brows are locked into position before moving on to the final stage—their signature Keratin Nourish Mask which rehydrates the brows.

Before you head off, your therapist will finish the treatment off with a wax, tint and trim, and you can always opt to include a tint in your treatment to take things to the next level with a bit of extra definition.

When you first walk out of the salon, the final treatment will have your brows looking less feathery and more wet, but you want to let all that goodness soak in for as long as possible before washing it off. Within a few hours, all you’ll need to do is give them a quick brush and you’ll be runway-ready.

If you’re picky about what you put on your skin, you’ll be pleased to hear the EDIT Brow Lift System used at Rachel Lavelle Profession is sodium bromate-free, ophthalmologically approved, vegan-friendly and both cruelty and gluten-free. Plus, if you’re keen to keep the party going at home, you can also pick up the EDIT Amplifying Lash & Brow Serum which works on both lashes and brows to promote growth and strength.

Credit: Anna Franklin, Urban List Get Full, Fluffy Brows With A Brow Lamination At This Insta-Worthy South Perth Salon | Urban List Perth (theurbanlist.com)