Crystal Healing Facial

Urban List Crystal Facial Review

If winter did a bit of a number on your skin (us too) then now is the time to treat your face to some extra TLC—and one of Rachel Lavelle’s incredible facials is just the way to indulge.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Rachel Lavelle’s salon before, do yourself a favour. Located at 33 Canning Highway in South Perth, the salon is a little slice of paradise. Decked out with beautiful flower arrangements, pops of millennial pink, timber cladding and more recently, loads of calming crystals, it’s the kind of place that makes you want to hang out and relax for a while.

But those blissed-out vibes don’t stop in the reception area. Once you head through to your treatment room, you’ll be greeted with a soothing herbal tea before slipping into the dreamy pre-heated bed which is topped off with the fluffiest linen so you can get into ultimate relaxation mode before your facial even begins.

While Rachel Lavelle offers every kind of facial you could dream of, it’s the hydra-dermabrasion and the crystal healing facial we want to bring to your attention, stat. These can be done as two separate treatments, but with Christmas around the corner, why not combine them into one for the ultimate in hydrating and relaxing facials?

So, what is hydra-dermabrasion? Microdermabrasion has been around for a while now and you’re probably familiar with this treatment which uses a diamond-tipped device to give your skin a serious exfoliation, removing impurities and promoting increased blood flow to the skin as well as collagen production.

Hydra-dermabrasion still abrades away that dry, dull, dead skin but it also gently infuses the skin with anti-ageing antioxidants and peptides which leaves your face looking more plump and radiant than ever before. In the weeks following the treatment, your skin will feel so smooth and bouncy that you’ll struggle to keep your hands away from your face, so keep that sanitiser on hand.

While it’s abrasive it’s not uncomfortable and it won’t leave you red or tender like traditional microdermabrasion or chemical peels, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll look fabulous immediately after leaving the salon.

Once the hydra-dermabrasion is over, it’s time for the crystal healing facial. This treatment balances your heart and healing chakras to remove negative energy and promote calm and peace in your mind and body. Whether you’re a crystal convert or not, it’s relaxing AF and the weight of the crystal on your chest truly does help to ground and relax you.

Just like the hydra-dermabrasion, this facial begins with a gentle cleanse using only the best Medik8 products. Once your face is cleansed and prepped, you’ll have a thermogenic exfoliant applied and massaged in. In case the word thermogenic didn’t give it away, this exfoliant produces a gentle heat to get you into an even more relaxed state.

While that all sounds delightful, we’re not even at the main event yet. No, the piece de resistance is the hydrojelly mask. There are hydrojelly masks for every skin concern under the sun so you’ll get something customised to suit your skin type—I was treated to the brightening mask and spent the rest of my weekend fielding compliments about how amazing my skin looked, no joke.

The hydrojelly mask traditionally gets painted over your eyes and lips—don’t worry, your nostrils are left bare so you can still breathe—but if this makes you uncomfortable, never fear. Rachel will check in with you and you can always opt to have it painted around your eyes and lips.

Once the hydrojelly mask has been applied, carefully chosen crystals will be applied to your chakra points and left to work their magic while you get the best damn neck, décolletage, shoulder and Indian head massage you can imagine—just try not to fall asleep.

When that is over and your hydrojelly mask is removed, your skin will be finished off with a cocktail of Medik8 serums, all tailored to your skin’s needs, as well as a collagen lip treatment that will have you feeling like a million bucks.

As if all that wasn’t enough, once you manage to peel yourself out of the cosy massage bed, a delicious serve of Imbibe Beauty Renewal probiotic will be waiting for you in the salon. Choc-full of skin-nourishing ingredients like bio-fermented coconut water, grapeseed and pomegranate, it goes perfectly with your newfound glow.

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