brow-a-holic. regrow your own brows

brow-a-holic. regrow your own brows

Unless you were blessed with the best and born with absolutely perfect brows (I am talking beyond words perfection, do not need to do anything to them by the way) most of us have experienced or still experience the dreading problem of wanting fuller brows, but unfortunately; we simply just can not grow them. Luckily, I have a few tips to help us girls get the upper hand on this timeless problem.

First and foremost, ladies, you need to stop waxing/tweezing your own brows! It doesn’t help anyone. Did you just say “but there’s just one more”? No! Stop it right now! One more equals to one too many and you know it. Leave it to us at Rachel Lavelle to fix those hairs brows for you, that is our job. If you take anything away from this, let it be that tip right there.

Next, please invest in the right products, EDIT Amplifying Lash & Brow Growth Serum is amazing! Vegan & Cruelty free, Gluten free plus made with safe and natural ingredients. It’s advanced peptide formulation stimulates the lash & brow hair to lengthen and thicken. Like every growth serum, if used properly (morning & night every day!) it should work wonders for each and everyone of you babes.

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