brow-a-holic. brow confidence through style

brow-a-holic. brow confidence through style

Quick question, do you love your brows? If you walk past a mirror and catch a quick glance, is it one of the aspects you’re confident about? If either of those were no (or even if you just love all things beauty and brows) then you’re in the right place, because we are going to talk about all things brow confidence today! No matter if someone’s brows are full and fabulous or considered one of the “finer” things in life, all brow types need these two simple tips to create that ‘brow wow’ factor. By the end of this, you won’t even need to sneak a peak in the mirror because you will know how damn good your brows look (and of course how amazing you look in general”.

So ladies, tip numero uno is to get those brows tamed regularly. Not just regularly but correctly too (the way you want them!). If you get regular brow services, it actually helps keep that ‘on point look’ which makes them so much easier to maintain and style. We personally recommend every 4 weeks to get your brows tidied up with our Brow Wax (tidy up) service. To make life even easier add on a Bronsun Brow Dye which has been an absolute favourite in our salon from day 1 it arrived! Low maintenance and last just as long as henna!

Secondly (and lastly), learn how to style your brows properly. Honestly, whether you love brow pomades, pencils, powders ect. it doesn’t matter unless you know how to use them correctly. Girls, practice truly makes perfect. We have videos available on our Instagram page to watch how to style your brows (or even ask to wax us style them in salon). Try different techniques, brushes and products until you find one that makes you say “damn, my brows are bomb!” trust me it’ll be so worth it. We released our new EDIT x Rachel Lavelle Brow Makeup line not long ago and it has been running out the doors! This line consists of 4 beautiful smudge proof brow pencil colours, 1 creamy, buildable brow highlighter & of course our Brow CULT Brow Soap. In our eyes they are simply a must!

Pick up yours today here Shop Edit | Rachel Lavelle | Beauty Products | Cosmetic Tattoo Equipment | Australia or in salon from East Fremantle.

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