Brow-a-holic. undefined, sparse brow fix in 1,2,3

Brow-a-holic. undefined, sparse brow fix in 1,2,3

It’s time to turn up the volume on the main issue at hand that everyone hates talking about… sparse, undefined brows. I know ladies, it’s a tough subject that is worth a tear shed, but no more than just one because today we are going to fix that problem for good!

Let’s start with the light stuff then work our way up to the fun (more permanent) fixes. I honestly can’t say it enough, invest, invest, invest! Babes, investing will be your best friend when it comes to sparse brows. I always say for everyone to do their own research on brow growth serums and find one that is suited for you that truly is result driven. Think of this, you are investing in yourself for fabulous full brows that are 1000% selfie worthy. *I currently personally adore the EDIT amplifying lash and brow serum, A. because it is a two in one, B. it is an advanced peptide infused formulation (that delivers longer, thicker and healthier hair production of both lashes and brows) and C. It actually works!*

If you have tried a brow growth serum and you sadly aren’t getting the results you were hoping for, then it’s time for phase two ladies, so buckle up because it’s henna time. How

many times have you gotten a tint and it looks A-mazing but it’s not long before your returning to the salon for a touch up because it just doesn’t last long enough? We’ve all been there before. Try and level up to henna, henna is way more natural on the hairs and lasts longer (i’m talking weeks longer not days girlfriend). Henna can be more intense the first time you do it if you aren’t used to full brows but the results last longer and look amazing too. But wait, i’m not finished yet. For the final fix to this problem I’ve truly saved the best for last, it’s time to take off and talk brow tattooing.

Brow tattooing is the best fix and a more permanent option to make sure sparse and undefined brows no longer exist for everyone. They can be styled however you want, did I hear someone say brow goals ahead? Why yes, you are correct! Brow tattooing can either be done in ombre which is a faded look where the lightest point being the inner section of your brow and the darkest being the tail section of your brow or feather touch, which gives the brows that hair stroke fluffy natural brow look. Either of these techniques are amazing, it is a personal preference. So lovely ladies, take your pick of those tips or follow them through in order to begin your journey to giving sparse, undefined brows a K-O!

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